SFOKK offers a unified path of learning Okinawan karate and kobudo GOJU-RYU SHODOKAN under the guidance of our sensei Ing. Ladislav Klementis. We are open to anyone who wants to learn okinawan karate and kobudo. If it is an individual, a club, or a foreign organization, our doors are open. Our way of teaching is based on passing information, skills, and knowledge from the master to his trainees.


Okinawa is the crossroad between China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, and Korea. It is located in the subtropical zone, with a plenitude of fish, fruits, vegetables, meat, and awamori. Okinawa has a broad scale of traditions in many fields. Today it is a modern country – an archipelago with widespread tourism.


The environment that led to the formation of the Slovak Federation of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo (SFOKK) was forming back in the time of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and many of today’s SFOKK members have been working on the development of Slovak karate since the 1960s. To better understand the importance of each step, we list chronologically how we worked on the creation and development of SFOKK.





Ing. Ladislav Klementis Archive

The Bible of karate, Bubishi:

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