Our way to karate and kobudo

We teach people who are interested and want to learn.

Our teachers and instructors include Sensei: Takeji Ogawa, Hiromi Suzuki, Hideo Ochi, Ticky Donovan, Choyu Kiyuna, Eiki Kurashita, Gibo, Akira Gushi, and others.

We teach based on our 50 years of experience, information, training, training with karate and kobudo masters and information from competitions. We take note of the teachings of other styles and respect them.

We are not subject to so-called trends in sports kumite or kata, but we teach its original form IPPON SHOBU and traditional kata of the GOJU-RYU SHODOKAN school. We are open to the participation of our members in competitions and events of other organizations and membership in them. We value every relevant martial art and its journey.

Our coaches in the clubs are successful competitors, representatives, have sufficient experience in leading training, training, coaching, and referees. We have brought up dozens of Champions of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Slovakia, the World and European Champions, the winners of the World Cups of various world federations.

(EUK, WKC, WTKA, ITKF, WUKF) in kumite, kata, kobude and self-defense. Our teachers have been training military and police self-defense instructors for several years.



  • The education of our youth is focused on: decency, honesty, modesty and diligence,
  • Hard training, competitiveness,
  • Empathy,
  • Respect for the values of the traditional family, the elderly, national pride, traditions, history and culture.



  • Warm-up – Junbi undo
  • Respiratory techniques and kata – cokyu, Sanchin 1 and 2 Tensho
  • Basic technique – Hojo undo ichi closed hands, Hojo undo ni open hands
  • Techniques in motion – kihon ido
  • Sports match – kumite
  • Okinava exercise in pairs – oki kumite
  • Applications of kata and self-defense techniques – bunkai
  • Kata – Geki sai 1,2, Saifa, Seyunchin, Shisochin, Seipai, Sezan, Sanzeru 1,2, Kururunfa, Suparimpei, Kakie
  • Kobudo – weapons exercises: Bo, Sai, Eku, Kama, Timbe


We have extensive experience in organizing and managing

  • Training process
  • Seminars, instructional training
  • Domestic and international competitions and ME.


We have experts who are the authors of publications, methodological and training manuals and DVDs. We regularly update the examination regulations (karate, kobudo) and ensure the preparation of adepts for the exams STV DAN – central exam and STV KYU – organized by clubs.


The following principles apply in DOJO:

  • Everyone starts from the beginning
  • Everyone’s working
  • No one is allowed to do anything
  • Everything for Goja ryu
  • We honor the teachings of our sensei.


SFOKK offers a way of learning Okinawan karate and kobudo GOJU-RYU SHODOKAN under the guidance of our sensei Ing. Ladislav Klementis, who is a champion of 9th level DAN karate and 4th level kobudo awarded by KOKUSAI GOJU RYU KARATE KOBUDO RENMEI (International federation Goju ryu karate and kobudo located in Okinawa). We are open to anyone who wants to learn okinawan karate and kobudo. If it is an individual, a club, or a foreign organization, our doors are open. Our way of teaching is based on passing information, skills, and knowledge from the master to his trainees. By organizing seminars for our trainers, we ensure unity in our training program. We believe that any candidate who can accept and understand our teaching methods will find a place in our program.

The vision of SFOKK is to connect all enthusiasts, trainees, sponsors, and supporters of karate in Slovakia with mutual understanding and acceptance of exceptional individuals and groups in order to obtain a bigger presence and respect of Slovakian traditional karate worldwide. We can reach this goal if we unite and become supportive of each other in our teaching and learning.

In SFOKK we declare that:

  • We teach traditional okinawan karate
  • and kobudo,
  • We teach sport karate, which is different from what the market offers and therefore we fill this market gap for those who want to learn sport karate.
    • We teach on basis ippon, nihon kumite (students and youth).
    • Ippon shobu kumite (adults),
    • Kata team, individuals (renzoku bunkai),
  • Self-defense

Autobiography of our sensei Ing. Ladislava Klementis 9th DAN karate and 4th DAN kobudo as well as Okinawan masters from whom we learn can be found in a separate section „ OUR TEACHERS“. We believe that you will be able to choose from our offering and join us in fulfilling our mutual goals and challenges. You can find us at Wilsonova 6 in Bratislava (university dormitory of STU), where we have our central Honbu dojo. More information is provided in the CONTACT section.

The Bible of Karate: Bubishi