Born in Bratislava 8. 6. 1948
9th Dan karate – awarded Renmei 26. 7. 2017
4th Dan kobudo – tested on Okinawa Renmei 8. 8. 2018

He began to practice Karate in 1970 under the guidance of Fero Šebej, after less than a year he became independent. His other trainers were: Taki Ogawa, Hiromi Suzuki, Choyu Kiyuna (main Karate coach), Eiki Kurashita, Seitoku Matayoshi (main Kobudo coach) and Akira Gushi. Ladislav attended 49 Okinawan training camps.

On March 2nd, 1972 Ladislav together with Ivan Aibek created the first Slovak karate unit – the Slávia Economy Bratislava.
In 1972, he became the co-founder of the Karate Commission together with Vladimír Kopinič, Fero Šebej, Petrom Ondris and Ivan Betnátek

Organizational activities

Ladislav organized 46 domestic assemblies with international participants. Veľké ceny
Slovenska with karate elites from all over the world. 2 times fully booked arena Na Pasienkoch, public seminars all over Slovakia, co-founding worldwide federation WKC, 2 times organizer of European Championship in Bratislava. Founding positions in multiple organizations such as Slovakian Karate Union, Slovakian Karate Federation, or Slovakian federation of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.

Training activities

Raised thousands of trainees in Slovakia. As an international instructor of WKC and Okinawan karate he led various seminars, trainings and assemblies in following countries : Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Spain, India, Nepal, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Austria and Italy. Ladislav also worked as an international referee WKC, WUKF, EGKF, WTKA and as an co-author of WKC karate rules.

Training results

Raised or led as an Slovakian coach several Worlds and European champions in karate – kata, kumite, kobudo and self-defense : Hološková, Šidová, Šoltésová (won Worlds Championship on Okinawa), Trokanová, Klementisová Ľ, Klementisová A, Buchtová, Malíková, Kričková, Magyar, Csáki, Dado, Kocsiš, Ayisi, Musil, Talacko, Kolčák, Černá, Žáčková, Klongová, Mackovich, Mráz, Poruben … Ladislav also worked as an instructor of close-combat in the army and in the police forces.

Sport achievements

2 times Champion of ČSSR and Ippon kumite, SSR represent, 12 times Slovakian Champion, Winner of international and domestic tournaments in kata and kumite.

Professional activities

Book publications, professional training materials, training DVDs, mentor of other trainers, referees (also international referees) and temporal commissioners, tests for Dan exams, lectures on FTVŠ. Lectures of history and traditions of Okinawan karate and Okinawa itself in multiple countries. 14. 3. 2008 was he awarded the title of Okinawa Goodwill Ambassador by the governor of Okinawa Hirokazu Nakaima.